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Technical Inquiries

Garmin's Bluetooth Smart Products Compatibility

GPS accuracy

Improving the accuracy of the optical heart rate sensor

Activity Tracker is counting steps when I am not walking!

How can I improve the distance accuracy of my activity tracking device?

Weather Data on Compatible Garmin Connect Mobile Device

My Forerunner 225/230/235/735XT/920XT is unable to get GPS, Heart Rate, no map routing on Garmin Connect!

Bluetooth Smart compatibility



Shipping Rates

How long does it take to deliver my order?



Are there any medical conditions that may put me at risk if I use VidaPerla?

I have very sensitive/insensitive skin, is it okay to use a VidaPerla pack?

Will VidaPerla “cure me?”

Can VidaPerla help me with the dark circles under my eyes?

Can the strap go in water/microwave?

Are VidaPerla packs safe for children?

What happens if I heat my pack too long?

Will my VidaPerla pack burn me?

Product Information


Are VidaPerla packs re-usable?

How should I store my VidaPerla pack?

How do I clean my VidaPerla pack?

How long does VidaPerla pack stay hot or cold?

Is it okay to put my VidaPerla in a dirty microwave?